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Growth of the community and growth of small businesses by networking is important.

Dr. Usha Jain for Governor 2018 Free Enterprise & Capitalism

Dr. Jain is a medical director of a urgent care which is owned privately. Dr. Jain’s clinic is not regulated by the Govt. Dr. Usha Jain is running for Governor for 2018.

Dr Jain believes and supports free enterprise and capitalism meaning  products, prices, and services are determined by the market, not the government. The freedom of private businesses to operate competitively for profit with minimal governmental regulation. It’s capitalism, not communism.

The prosperity can be brought on by removing the barriers to opportunity. The great benefit of capitalism have rebounded primarily to the benefit of the ordinary person.

Pillars of prosperity:

  1.  Property, that is,  private ownership of the means of production.
  2. Freedom: Economic freedomis the key to greater opportunity and and improved quality of life. It is the freedon to chose how to produce, sell, and use your own resources, while respecting other’s right to do the same. It is a simple concept which drives the prosperity in the world and is the differenc between why some societies thrive while others do not.
  3.  Cooperation
  4. Equalit
  • Only economic freedom can bring prosperity to all citizens.
  • Capitalism is both practically and morally superior
  • All forms of socialism is unworkable
  • We fight for people, not things.

Dr. Jain is a medical director of a urgent care which is owned privately. Dr. Jain’s clinic is not regulated by the Govt. Dr. Usha Jain is running for Governor for 2018.



Dr. Usha Jain for Governor 2018 on Republican Platforms

Dr. Usha Jain is an expert in treating diseased and also preventing diseases. Dr. Jain served the community of Orlando Florida for 37 years for the medical and urgent medical conditions of the citizens in the community. Dr. Jain has the passion to help and now going for the leadership role to help the citizens. Patriotism and the principles of America is the way to go.

Dr. Jain is running on Republican Platform

  1.  Choice of Health care
  2. Choice of schools and improve education
  3. Pro life 100%
  4. Educational and vocational training for the children
  5. Tax credits for the employers so more jobs gets created
  6. Reducing the red tapes so economy can grow freely.
  7. Improve roads and reduce Traffic
  8. Protect the 2nd Amendment
  9. Enforce the strict immigration laws
  10. Community functions a
  11. Safety by helping the Police force to apply strict Rules for the criminal activity to prevent the same in future

Dr. Usha Jain is an expert in treating diseased and also preventing diseases. Dr. Jain served the community of Orlando Florida for 37 years for the medical and urgent medical conditions of the citizens in the community. Dr. Jain has the passion to help and now going for the leadership role to help the citizens. Patriotism and the principles of America is the way to go.


Platforms of Dr. Usha Jain Medical Director Walk in Clinic

USE OF A COMMON SENSE IS THE KEY FOR ANY SUCCESS. If you are smart and do not know how to use  common sense then  it could create problem. Dr. Usha Jain is running on the Republican Platform  legislations in the state should be there to help the citizens. The following are the basic platforms of Dr. Usha Jain:


  1. Help small businesses grow and succeed and thereby creating jobs. It can be done by giving a tax credit enabling job opportunities and also decreasing the regulations and red tapes so businesses will thrive better. Fair and equitable treatment for both small companies’ and large companies will result in happy citizens overall.
  2. Also, good education by proper funding and giving the teachers good salary will make the education places and schools happier place to work and thereby kids would be more willing to do hard work and do great jobs.
  3. Safety is a major issue as the world looks upon America is the safest country in the world. Our police force should be strong and should be well paid. The laws should be enforced properly toward crimes will curb criminal activity.
  4. Immigration laws should be enforced properly. America needs to help America first before helping any other country.
  5. Jain is prolife and will always support the life of the unborn child or any life in any form, that’s why she’s a vegetarian thus not believing in killing a life for food.
  6. Jain supports 2nd amendment and everyone has the right to protect themselves, but with mandatory proper safety training.
  7. Dr Jain has strong faith based beliefs and therefore supports freedom of religion. Dr. Jain herself is a Hindu and practices Jainism which is based on nonviolence and karma.
  8. Health care reform is urgently needed. Obama Care needs to be replaced and citizens should be able to chose the insurance plan. There should be Govt. operated hospitals where anyone should be able to be treated. Medicaid funding would be automatically reduced.

Happy Father’s Day from Dr. Usha Jain Orlando

Happy Father’s day to all the fathers and all of you. We celebrated Father’s Day spiritually to honor the Father of Universe and prayed for the blessing of love and respect for all the human being.
My father Ratanlal Banthia was an amazing and honest attorney in India. He was very famous for his fight against the honest people. As a matter of fact he never lost a case. He only represented the honest people. Our family was well to do but not reach. My father never made right in to wrong and wrong in to right. We walked in the town with the dignity that I was the daughter of an  honest attorney. Wow! how great is that. Even judges knew that if my father is representing then the case is definitely a winner. Dad, I miss you so much and I am determined to follow your foot steps. I may need your help sometime so please help me if you can to save the honesty and truth.
Famous Attorney Ratanlal Banthia

Dr. Usha Jain Hindu God Ganesh Song & Dance

Dr. Usha Jain is an expert in treating emergencies and also an anti-aging expert. Dr. Usha Jain follows Hindu and Jain religion where Lord Ganesh suppossed to be good luck. Everything new starts with worship of lord Ganesh.
Dance Performance is a passion of Dr. Jain and dance is an anti-aging tool. You can do three things from the dance performance. One it is a dance, second it is an exercise and third it can be also a spiritual uplifting and worship. Dr. Jain has a clinic in Orlando and can treat all the minor emergencies. Hindu God Ganesh should start all the occassions so it can run smoothly.

Everything new starts with Ganesh puja, worship of lord Ganesh. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated all over India.



Governor of Florida 2018 Dr. Usha Jain Frivolous Law Suits

Dr. Usha Jain …. to make a difference.

Dr. Usha Jain specialized in Emergency Medicine and also Anti-Aging and rRegenerative Medicine. Dr. Jain is an expert in treating the emergencies and also expert in preventing diseases by natural means of diet, exercise, vitamins and hormones. Dr. Jain has been practicing medicine for 37 years. Dr. Jain is a life long learner and truely feels blessed to be in America.

Why do I want to run for the Governor of Florida. Many reasons, but I will shed the light on frivolous law suits and the impact which imposes on the life of  working citizens emotionally and economically. Sometiimes the hard working citizens loses his shirt  and then it leads to helath problems etc.

Dr. Jain is going beyond the scope of medicine to make a difference.

There are so many frivolous law suits which affects the daily life of the hard working citizens specially the citizens who are employing the workers. Frivolous law suits might put money in the pocket of the attorney but sometimes it destroys the employer and thereby affects the economy of the country indirectly. Employer would be afraid to get the employees because of frivolous law suits from the attorneys representing nonsensical claims of the clients.. Employer gets pushed in to settle the claim even if the employer is right due to economic burden and emotional toll on the employer.

I would want to make a difference by making the strict rules where the attorney should be sanctioned and reprimanded for bringing  the baseless law suit without any merit.

My husband and I have gone through two claims of the hotel tfor wage and hour. In our first case our attorney did not do anything for two years and then we have to represent ourselves in the Federal Court. Second case of the hotel was from Morgan and Morgan for a wage and hour claim again which was totally non-sensical and still continue to go on for eight months in the Federal Court. We feel truly blessed to have Google so we did defended ourselves and made him drop the claim.

Dr. Jain is a daughter of an attorney who was very well known for his honesty and never lost a case. I salute my dad. I have inherited the genes and I cannot give in for the wrongdoings.  The time my husband and I spent to make the attorneys drop the claim was uncountable but we living with a pride every day and that hard work brought victory for truth and honesty.

I want to help the citizens so all the frivolous law suits will decrease which in turn lead to productive and happy citizens, more jobs and more production. Morgan and Morgan lost money on their claim against us. There assertion that Morgan and Morgan for the People turned out to be false.

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Dr. Jain for Justice for Governor 2018 Walk in Clinic Orlando

There is no room for injustice specially in the United Staes of America. Many frivolous law suits are being brought to the citizens by attorneys which are fee driven suit. Right legislation is the way to make the justice system of United States to be the leader in the WorldFolks, Dr. Jain feels that Dr. Jain is the  best cheer leader for America. Dr. Jain is a citizen and lived in the country for more than 42 years.

Political Outsider Dr. Usha Jain Jumps Into 2018 Florida Gubernatorial Election



Cultural Diversity & Dr. Usha Jain for Governor 2018

Dr. Jain loves the cultural diversity which makes America a great country. The people love to come here and bring their talents to this country and that makes the country great with diversity.

Dr. Jain loves and blessed to be a doctor but now feels that America is her country. Dr. Jain’s mission is to stop the wrong doings. Dr. Jain had first hand experience of abuse of power and also the effectss of political connections .  Dr. Jain believes that this beautiful country with all the diversity can be maintained to be the leader in the world. I believe in fair and equittable treatment and equal justice in the law.

Dr. Jain wants to promote the community functions and to celebrate all the festivals. Diwali is one of the Hindu Festival and this is the few glimpse of her yearly Diwali celebration.



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Dr. Usha Jain