Dr. Usha Jain God Bless America Governor for State of Florida

Dr. Usha Jain is a medical doctor in Orlando for 38 years and now taking a stand to make a difference in the State of Florida. Dr. Jain believes in making America great again. Dr. Jain believes in safety and education and should be the first priority. Every person should have an opportunity to either go to college or able to do vocational training to get good job. Citizens should have a right to protect themselves.
Dr. Jain believes in rewarding the people who work hard and that will create work, independency and prosperity.
If the people are busy working then there would be less frivolous law suits and safety will be there as there would be less robbery.
Citizens should have a right to protect themseves.
Dr. Usha Jain runs a walk in clinic in Orlando and Windermere area and takes care of the emergencies in the community.
Dr. Jain also provides surgical clearance and medical clearance for the patients. Dr. Usha Jain’s medical clinic has X rays, EKG