Karva Chauth Hindu Festival Dr. Usha Jain Governor for 2018

Dr. Jain loves the cultural diversity and community functions. Dr. Jain is taking the stand to help the citizens of Florida and is running for Governor of Florida in 2018. Karva Chouth is celebrated in the North part of India for the long life of a husband. Blessing is taken from the Goddess for the long life of the husband.  Dr. Jain is a medical director of the emergency clinic in Orlando Fl. On Karva Chouth the ladies fast starting from the sunrise and break the fast with moon rise. Dressing up in traditional Indian sparkling outfit with hena and jewery is the way of celebration to get the blessings . Dr. Jain believes in dressing up, music and dance. Dr. Jain celebrated Karva Chouth with fasting and dressing up to get the blessings for the long life of the husband.



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