Vision and Mission of Dr. Usha Jain for Commissioner 2016

Dr. Usha Jain who serves the community needs for emergencies in the Dr. Phillips area for 30 years, is now taking a stand on her mission and vision for District one of her community to be healthy and happy. Citizens would be happy if they are treated fairly, safe and have means to educate easily with good resources. Dr. Jain is taking a leadership role and running for the County Commissioner. Dr. Jain want to help the citizens beyond her scope of the medicine and in all different area. Dr. Jain got the petitions which are 1240 required for the seat but Dr. Jain wants to do only through petitions and which means that Dr. Jain was recommended from the people in the community she serves.
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One thought on “Vision and Mission of Dr. Usha Jain for Commissioner 2016”

  1. God bless you. I hope you go far in your public office career. We need more honest, loving, caring people like you representing us.
    I’m in Clearwater, but I hope people listen to you, and allow you to lead them/us, and help us all!!!!

    You are very inspiring. I wish I lived closer.

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