Elect Dr. Usha Jain for Governor 2018

Dr. Usha Jain is a medical director of the emergency clinic. Dr. Usha Jain has seved the community for over 35 years for the emergencies and medical needs. Dr. Jain is taking a leadership role to make legislative changes to help the citizens of the State of Florida. Dr. Usha Jain feels that there is need for legislative changes which would help the working citizens and economy of the state.


In 2018 we need public servants who will fight for the people. Dr. Jain will be such a servant. She is on a mission to right wrong-doings committed by the current administration. From taxes to building codes, she has studied the problems faced by working people everyday.



She is funding her own election campaign, owes no one anything and has no need to please any one other than the constituents of District One, Orange County Florida. This is her number one goal.

Dr. Jain’s principle is to stand tall on the ground, be honest and fear nothing. Dr. Jain wants all the citizens to be strong and should be able to say no to any unfair issues which comes on the way.

Dr. Jain is strongly committed to her neighbors in Orange County and promises that she will fight for the common working man.

As a well-respected physician in the Orlando area for over 30 years, she has earned the admiration of her patients for her honesty and hard work.

She promises to work hard to protect the community by improving response time from first responders. Police should be able to perform their duties without the fear of civil right law suit. Police can do their job confidently if they are not worried about complaints. Their response time would automatically decrease if they do not have to respond to minor things which clogs up their time.Police take too long to arrive at the scene of crimes, accidents and emergencies, leaving citizens in need. Many times they arrive too late to do any real good. Dr. Jain will correct this wrong.


Dr. Usha Jain is refusing any monetary contributions to her campaign. Dr. Jain believes in not taking the obligation from community. and she would like to learn the media and work through that. Dr. Usha Jain believes her campaign should be through media. Learning is the key. Dr. Jain invites you to come and use your talent to dance, sing and be funny. If,  you would like to contribute your time and talents to her cause, please email her at:


Fairness and Freedom

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Dr. Jain will devote her time and effort to guard the fairness and honesty of community.

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