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Performance by Dr. Usha Jain for Holi Commissioner for 2016

Dr. Usha Jain feels very honored  and feels blessed to perform a dance for the crowd for Holi Celebration on March 27, 2016. After the performance on the stage Dr. Jain decided to remind people that it was Easter today. Happy Easter and Happy Holi to all of you.

Dr. Usha Jain Cultural Diversity
Dr. Usha Jain Cultural Diversity
Dr. Usha Jain performing
Dr. Usha Jain performing

Patriotism by Dr. Usha Jain for Commissioner 2016 District 1

Dr. Usha Jain has been in Orlando for 35 years. Dr. Jain  is a director of Emergicare Medical Center in Orlando Florida.

Dr. Jain is running for the seat of County Commissioner from District 1. Dr. Jain’s first  step is to advocate patriotism. Dr. Jain wants to remind everyone that living in America , the country which is for justice, fairness and courteous altitude.

Dr. Jain’s program Believe in America done very well and some  of the pictures of that program and July 4thBG-01


Lord Ganesh Hindu God for Blessings and Good Luck

Dr. Usha Jain of Orlando is running for the commissioner from district 1 in Orange County. Dr. Jain wishes to get blessing and good luck from Hindu Lord Ganesh for her mission to prevent the wrongdoings.

Dr. Jain is a hard worker and believes in Karma and God. The mission of Dr. Jain is going to take care of the citizens to avoid the unnecessary harassment.

Dr. Jain wants to start this mission with a prayer to Lord Ganesh and Jayma Amba.

Dr. Usha Jain would have to sacrifice her time to reach to that goal.