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Platforms of Dr. Jain Commissioner for 2016

Dr. Jain is running for the commissioner of 2016 and her platforms are:

Safety of the citizens is the main concern. Safety can be improved by efficient police officers and also by the community functions which raises the awareness of the surroundings.

Dr. Jain commited to help.
Dr. Jain commited to help.

Fairness and equal opportunity to small business owners. The big companies should not get the favors because of previous contribution.

Education is very important of the children in the community. School and teacher should be funded properly in order to keep the standard high. Budget should be a diverted towards the school too.

Dr. Usha Jain for Governor 2018 Commitment for Fairness


Dr. Usha Jain is a medical Director of the Emergi-Care Medical Center. Dr. Jain is blessed to serve he community for 31 years. Dr. Jain had an encounter where Dr. Jain was harassed by the commissioner’s office and code officers for her grandfathered in medical center sign which she had to defend unnecessarily. Dr. Jain defended the claim herself and won the claim. Dr. Jain decided to help the citizens for unfair things.

God Bless America Lyrics and Dr. Usha Jain Commissioner for 2016

Dr. Jain who is the medical director of the medical center for 31 years. Dr. Jain believes that joy can  produce happy hormones and is the key for your health. Dr. Jain enjoys singing and dancing. Dr. Jain sang God Bless America and produced the video with the lyrics.